New guitar: G-sharp!

January 3rd, 2016 No comments

IMG_2156For some years now I had been aware of the G-Sharp, G#, Giss or OF-1 guitar (no|en) made by luthier Øivin Fjeld. This guitar is a solid body electric guitar with a short scale – it’s G#-G# tuning is similar to mounting a capo to the fourth fret on a standard guitar. It just sounds marvelous, and the distance between the frets fits my fairly small fingers very well. It’s also a quality instrument, built in solid mahogany.

After finding one not so far from where I live online I just went and bought it just before christmas. After a short round of haggeling it was mine! When I bought it the guitar was tuned in the G# tuning, which of course sound immensly great on it but since I am a lousy guitar player I need help from some apps to learn playing and those apps do not understand much else than the normal open E tuning of a standard guitar.

IMG_2157I needed some help cleaning up and lacquering the neck, fixing the tuning, getting new strings and fixing the intonations for the new strings that I would need in an open E. Setting the G-Sharp up for an open E tuning means getting thicker strings, and then you need to move the floating bridge around to get the intonation right…. not something a noob like me should attempt, so I went to see Mr. Fjeld himself. After a while in his guitar workshop on Rolvsøy my G# was as good as new! That man does seriously good work, and is extremely serviceminded – if ever in Norway and need to get your guitar fixed… he’s the man. He also added some shielding and put in another ground cable to the single coil pickup, a small fix but it makes for a lot less distortion.

GearSo. Playing the thing. I am still learning to play, so I use apps like Yousician on my iPad to learn playing. This is also the reason I need an open E tuning as most apps on the iPad does not recognize other tunings. My current practice setup that I use the most looks like this, soundwise: G-Sharp Guitar -> Fender angled cable -> iRig2 -> iPad -> Garageband App with guitar amp in the background -> Yousician App -> iRig2 -> headphones.

Just like other great musicians I like comparing myself to (in my dreams) I really dig the G-Sharp. Very easy to play on, easy to bring around and sounds very good. Jarle Bernhoft, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Elton John just can’t be wrong!

Check out the official web page for the G-sharp here:

And then there’s the awesome volume knob that disappears into the top of the guitar: IMG_2159




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Kjekt lite script for å sende SMS hos Talkmore

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

Då OneCall gjekk over til å få Netcom-dekning her ute i provinsen medførte dette at eg måtte bytte leverandør for å kunne føre klar tale i heimen. Så då blei det brått Talkmore på meg. Talkmore koster det same, og ein kan og sende SMS frå websidene deira. Så her er scriptet eg bruker for å sende SMS frå kommandolina no for tida.

…vurderer å mekke oppslag i Zimbra sin CardDAV-server også, eg kjem straks tilbake til dette trur eg.

# Quick and dirty script for sending SMS via Firebug is my friend.
# Works as of 2015-03-23, but URLs, POST variables and valid post data may change at any time
# Sent SMS may or may not be charged to your phone bill


if [ -f "$CONFIGFILE"  ]; then


MESG=$(echo "$*" | iconv -f utf8 -t iso88591)

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "Usage: $0 YourNumber Password ToNumber The rest of the arguments is the message"
    exit 1

chmod 0600 "$CJAR"

curl -c "$CJAR" \
    -d password=$PASSWORD \
    -d username=$USER 

curl -b "$CJAR" -c "$CJAR" \
    -d list=$TONUM \
    -d message1="$MESG" > /dev/null



rm -f "$CJAR"
exit $RESULT

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How to install Google Earth 32-bit on Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic 64-bit

December 29th, 2014 No comments

Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu 14.10 has become a major pain in the arse after they gave up the ia32-libs compability package. Also, at least for me, the 64bit Google Earth package crashes on startup so that didn’t work.
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Kjekt lite script for å sende SMS hos OneCall

May 17th, 2013 1 comment

NB – på grunn av at OneCall bytta meg over til Netcom-dekning blir ikkje dette scriptet vedlikeheldt lenger då eg bytta ut OneCall med TalkMore. Bruk det gjerne, men YMMV

Sjå ny versjon av scriptet som fungerer hos Talkmore her.

Ein av dei tinga eg verkeleg likte hos Telenor var det udokumenterte HTTP GET-apiet for å sende SMS. Etter at eg bytta til OneCall på privattelefonen har eg brukt ting som Prowl og NotifyMyAndroid for å få kjappe meldinger til mobiltelefonane mine. Dette er vel og bra det, men dersom ein til dømes er i utlandet og har satt opp FTF-varsling på for det området ein befinn seg i ynskjer ein jo ikkje å pådra seg enorme utgifter ved å ha mobildata slått på.

Så, med litt hjelp frå Firebug i Firefox laga eg eit enkelt lite script for å sende SMS frå kommandolinja med ditt OneCall-abonnement. Enjoy!

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Going Premium

August 22nd, 2011 No comments

Decon container 135 1After some deliberation I have finally decided to make all my caches of size “small” and larger Premium Only, or only accessible to paid memberships on


Groundspeak have geocaching apps for iPhone and Android that doesn’t require the cacher to have a login name at Anyone that can install the “Geocaching Intro” iPhone app may as a result find my caches, potentially destroy their hiding place and take any TBs and coins out of the box for their keeping. With the increased mainstream interest in geocaching I am seeing this as an upcoming larger problem.

Some people say “The risk for those things to happen are close to zero”. Not really. I had a cache hidden in a stone wall where an iPhone cacher tore down half the wall to get to the cache, and he never put the stones back in place. I have had trackables suddenly disappear from caches, once by one noob cacher that actually had a login and stated in the log for the cache that he had retrieved my coin. That cacher only logged four caches, and my coin is gone.

I am getting tired of this, and since there is no mechanism for consistently confirming finds or for marking a cache “visible only to cachers with 300 confirmed finds” I am now relying on that one indicator showing a persons interest and dedication for geocaching: A paid membership.

Unfortunately, this approach has one serious flaw, which I am prepared to overlook. Families where one of the parents have a premium account and the spouse and all the children have free accounts will not be able to have the spouse and kids log my caches any more. I can see that this is irritating, but one has to blame Groundspeaks policy for forcing cache owners into doing this. I wish it wasn’t so.

So, as of today, all caches I own that are big enough to put trackables in them will be for Premium Members only. Micros and nanos will still be available to unregistered cachers and those with an unpaid membership.

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